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05-13-12 16:52
1d 7h 7m 0s !!!

07-04-10 15:00
pretty sweet game. kind of reminds me of flower in a way. not sure why. but go play it.
oh that's just sad. 05-27-10 22:27

on a related note, i think i'm going to start donating blood.
05-21-10 00:29
you know the nba playoffs are so god damn boring when the headline tonight on espn is joe derosa throwing a basketball at a heckling douche bag. he got suspened, but have you seen the video? i wouldn't even say he threw the ball AT the fan. more like tossed the ball TO the fan.

was he out of line? yeah. but seriously, this is making headlines? retarded.

anyway, point being, the nba playoffs are a joke.
girl killed in police raid.

05-09-10 19:35
i just watched last weeks episode of breaking bad.

holy shit.

if you haven't seen this show, get it on dvd. now.

that is all.
05-06-10 01:03
so this video has been making rounds on the internet for the last few days, but i didn't see anything on elowel about it. so watch the video.

listen to the yelping dogs. watch the kid, the wife, and the owner when he finds out his dog is dead. then realize it was all because the man had $20 worth of marijuana in his house.

this is the breed they shot and killed. how easily could that dog have been that little kid wandering to the kitchen for a glass of water?

all this for a few grams of weed.

after they pop a few rounds into the family pet only a few feet away from the kid, they charge the parents with child endangerment. fucking stupid.

it's cool though. at least the world is safe now that this pothead is off the streets (or fined $300, whatever). saving the world one dime bag at a time! ace detective work, keep it up gents!
04-19-10 23:36
need a midnight snack? make sure it's not the sun chips with the new 100% compostable bags. jesus fucking christ i just woke my neighbors up.

oh and also, for creepiest video of the week..

what the fffffff?
03-01-10 23:39
can't sleep, really looking forward to bad company 2.

who's with me? no one? alright then.
awesomeness. 02-15-10 22:02
sweet album. 01-20-10 23:02

girl talk, feed the animals. name your price, download. free if you want. but buy it if you like it. it's pretty awesome.

and don't forget to check out the other albums.
wtf. 12-21-09 16:14
jesus christ moving back home is like a culture shock. i've realized how much i've changed since living on my own. i came home from work today and my mom cleaned my room, made my bed, and moved all the clothes on my floor into one big pile. don't get me wrong, my room is nice and clean. and i havent had a clean room since i've moved back in. but what the fuck. who just goes into someones room and starts moving shit around? opening drawers, closets, piling my clean clothes with my dirty clothes. i'm pretty sure she found at least 2 things she shouldn't have, and i've been distant with her lately, i'm beginning to think she just does it to spy on me. and yeah, it's her house, i get she wants it to be clean, but paying rent should allow me to keep my room clean on my own terms? and the door is always shut, so it's not like she has to look at it.

holy fuck i sound like a 16 year old again.

needed to vent. done.
11-30-09 16:36
11-14-09 18:30
some times i'll sit and think of a person. you know, there's always one person you think of in moments like these. i'll think of all the memories i have of this person. there's always those memories that fill your mind instantly. the ones that meant so much to you. after awhile, you begin to think of only these memories of that person. and that's all that exists.

i think the happiest times in my life are when i remember the little things that don't automatically jump into my head. when you remember the stuff that isn't so profound that it's right there, but it's so meaningful when you finally pull it from your mind because that's one more defining moment about that person that you can share with yourself. it's yours.

i like lying in bed and remembering. some times it takes hours, but when i finally pull that new memory that i haven't thought about in a long time, it's like a gift i can hang onto forever.
06-22-09 20:32
06-15-09 20:37

i would purchase their album.
well said. 06-15-09 18:21
HOLY SHIT. 06-06-09 14:38
05-12-09 19:39

when you've got to go, you've got to go.

05-03-09 14:43

i for one, could not agree more.
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